Roofing Repair in Cold Weather: Look What the Experts Have to Say

Most people choose to have a new roof mounted in the spring or summer months. Others think of replacing their roof during the fall. But what happens to those roofs that are fitted in the freezing winter months?

Time and again people ask roofing repair experts if it is all right to set up a new shingle roof when the temperature is exceedingly cold. This is particularly concerning for those who do not have an alternative in the matter and must reinstate their roof instantaneously.

There are no definite industry guidelines for temperature and roof installation for roof shingles; however, various manufacturers do provide suggestions. There are many roofing repair companies which install roofs all year round, although, they do pay attention to the weather and often hold off roof installation projects in the warmer days for certain types of applications.

Although certain roof shingles do become fragile as the temperature drops, steps can be taken to decrease or eliminate breakage. If shingles are stored in a hot place and weighed down just before installation, troubles can be minimized.

A concern what most roofing repair experts in Trenton and Belleville often hear from homeowners is whether or not the self-sealing strips will bond properly without a hot day to support a good seal. The sun is very supportive in warming a newly mounted roof and aiding in a first-class seal, but in areas prone to winds, hand-tabbing can occasionally be recommended. This measure helps with keeping the shingles in position, when needed, until warmer weather conditions allow the seal to set as it should.

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